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march 14th 2018. 7pm – WIB Board Game Night #7

Join us for our seventh board game night! This time round we’ll be playing various card games (Bang, Coup, Dobble, Exploding Kittens for example) and creating a league table to decide the ultimate winner. You can join the Facebook event here.

march 17th 2017. 6.30pm – BRÅK #6 – A Series of Improv Nights at waterintobeer

wib are delighted to welcome back local musicians Cath Roberts, Tom Ward and Colin Webster to the shop for the second BRÅK of 2018. Once again they’ve teamed up with fellow musicians to bring you an evening of improvised music.

Cath Roberts & Seth Bennett
Tom Ward & John Macedo
Colin Webster & David Birchall

You can join the Facebook event here.
You can buy tickets here.

march 18th 2018. 12pm onwards – Lith Prints by Arek Golosz

As part of Telegraph Hill Festival WIB are delighted to welcome local artist and WIB regular Arek Golosz (www.arekgolosz.com) into the shop where he will be exhibiting a selection of his handmade lith prints, especially selected for the festival at Telegraph Hill beer shop waterintobeer. These will include prints from the streets of London, Lisbon, Toulose and more plus live music prints including from BRÅK improv nights (see event listing for 17th March) at waterintobeer.
Lith printing is a process using traditional black and white photo paper combined with “lithographic” developer. This process usually results in high contrast, black shadows, delicate highlights and coloured mid-tones. Lith prints tend to have a very gritty/grainy look in the lower mid-tones and shadows. Lith printing can breathe a whole new life into an everyday image. It’s almost impossible to obtain two exactly same prints and that makes every print so unique.
You can join the Facebook event here.
This event is free and there will be free beer for everyone visiting the exhibition.

march 21st 2018. 7pm – Ale & Oratory

As part of Telegraph Hill Festival, WIB are delighted to present Ale & Oratory – an evening of classic speeches and craft beer. 5 speeches delivered live, 5 beers paired for the occasion with historical context and music of the era.
Many of the history’s greatest speeches have been consigned to sound bites. We all know the words “I have a dream”, “the lady’s not for turning” and “we shall fight on the beaches” but have we heard the speech that made those words immortal? Do we know the context in which those famous orators spoke?
Over the course of the evening five speeches will be performed live. Each will be paired with a beer by our very own beer expert, Tim Livesey, and preceded by music of the era and a short introduction to the context in which these great speeches were delivered.
You can join the Facebook event here and buy tickets for £15 (which includes five free beers) here.

march 24th 2018. 6pm- ComedyintoBrockley #1

Come down to wib for a polite social evening as local comedians present new material and a festival work in progress. Fun and friendly with some weirdness thrown in, hosted by Brockley’s own Kiwi comic connection, Jez Brown www.jezbrown.co.uk

FREE to come along, but there will be a collection hat passed round.

6:00 pm – Podcast recording

7:30 pm – Comedy starts

10:00 pm – close

You can join the Facebook event here.

march 28th 2018. 7pm – WIB Quiz Night #4

Join our hosts Jamie and Chris as they return to WIB for another night of quizzing. Spaces are limited so if you’re interested in putting a team in, please get in touch and reserve a table.

april 1st 2018. 2pm – WIB Homebrew Club #16

Join us for waterintobeer’s 16th homebrew club. If you brew or are interested in starting brewing, come along with a beer for the group to share and give pointers. Don’t worry if you haven’t got anything ready or haven’t even started brewing yet; you’re more than welcome. The challenge set for this months club is to brew an Easter themed beer. Don’t worry if you haven’t been able to do this though, bring along anything you’ve got, we’ll happily try anything! You can join the event here.

april 7th 2018. 7pm – Acoustic Anarchy #6

Join us at WIB for another night of Acoustic Anarchy!

Line Up TBC

This event is free!